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Hello, I'm Dev.

I am a junior at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, California. I have a ton of experience in tutoring, as I've worked at tutoring centers along with tutoring family friends. I realized that not a lot of people have it in their budget to pay for an expensive tutor, and I feel that everyone should have access to help in school if they need it. This prompted me to start a free tutoring service. I am proficient in every mathematic subject up until Pre-calculus. Contact me two days before your desired time, and we can schedule a class. Classes will be through Skype, so it is essential to have access to that. The only price that these classes come with is leaving a review in the comment section to share your experience.


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I can teach any subject from elementary level math to Pre-Calculus. Math has always been a strong subject, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, the best way I can.

One of one lessons will require a few days notice. 

One on One Lessons:


I live in San Ramon, California. However, I will be able to tutor anyone, anywhere, with access to Skype.

Group Sessions:

Group sessions are most preferable. One to Two days notice is still required. 


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